Law No. 16 of 2007

Law No. 16 of 2007

Establishing the Real Estate Regulatory Institute


We, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai

After taking cognisance of Law No. 7 of 2006 regarding real estate registration in the Emirate of Dubai; and

The Decree concerning the formation of the Land Affairs Committee 1960

 Issue the following Law:

Article (1)

This Law shall be called “Law No. 16 of 2007 Establishing the Real Estate Regulatory Institute.”

Article (2)

The following words and expressions shall have the meanings set out opposite unless the context shall require otherwise:


Ruler:HH The Ruler of Dubai

Emirate:                        Emirate of Dubai

Government:                 Government of Dubai

Executive Council:        The Executive Council of the Emirate

Institute:                        The Real Estate Regulatory Institute

Executive Director:       The Executive Director of the Institute

Department:                  The Lands & Property Department

Owners Association:     A membership organisation for owners of real estate units whether flats, floors or parts of land, in a joint property

Article (3)

There shall be set up under this Law a public corporation called the “Real Estate Regulatory Institute” with legal personality and an independent financial and administrative structure. The Institute have full authority to perform legal acts in accordance with its stated objectives including the capacity to contract and may, in its own name, sue and be sued and appoint others to represent it for this purpose. The Institute shall be attached to the Lands and Property Department

Article (4)

The head office of the Institute is to be situated in Dubai. The Institute may open branches in the Emirate and elsewhere

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